Coding style

Guidelines on how to write and style code


  • Use class to set the CSS style rather than using a style attribute.


  • Avoid “magic” in how code works:
    • Keep input/output predictable and consistent
    • Avoid “side effects” (actions that are not part of the output)
  • Prefer using functional programming over object-oriented programming.
  • Write docstrings for every function, class, and method.
    • Write simple one-line docstrings for: very small functions (<5 lines), functions with <2 arguments, and functions with simple and clear input and output
    • Write longer and more detailed docstrings for: larger functions, functions with several arguments, user-facing functions, and those with more complex or non-standard inputs or outputs.
  • Write type hints for inputs and returns.
  • Most functions and methods should prefer to have a single, simple action. More complex actions (especially user-facing ones) done by a function should chain together the smaller functions to achieve the larger action.