Style guidelines


🚧 This section is still in active development and is subject to changes 🚧


These documents contained within the style section are meant to provide guidance on how to write, format, and structure documents within the Seedcase Project. They are meant to be a guide and a reference for all team members and contributors to make sure that we have some consistency in development, coding, and writing across all Seedcase documentation and software.

We assume the reader is either:

  • A new team member who uses these style documents as onboarding material.
  • A current team member who needs to reference the style documents for a specific task or as a reminder.
  • A potential or current contributor who wants to understand how we work and how to best contribute.
  • Other groups who want to use these documents as inspiration or to copy/modify for their own uses.

General principles

Following our Seedcase Project principles to use established standards and conventions, the general principle for styling is to use existing guides. There exist several style guides and resources for structuring code and doing software development, below are specific guides we make use of: