🚧 This section is still in active development and is subject to changes 🚧

This document lists technical, political/organizational, and convention-based constraints that we must consider when developing Seedcase.

The main “philosophical” and value-based constraints are described in the Guiding Principles section. These form the basis for all other decisions and designs. Some of those constraints are summarized below.

Technical constraints

Technical constraints we need to consider for Seedcase.
Constraints Background/Motivation
Run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux Our potential users work on any of these systems, so we need to design for that
Use open source software dependencies We will use an open license, so we need to use components that are open as well
Use software that’s (relatively) familiar to many We want others to contribute, so weneed to use tools others (likely) know
Integrate GDPR, privacy, and security compliance Our target users work with health data, so this is vital to consider
Deployable to servers and locally Could be used locally but mainly used on a server environment
Storage and computing may be at different locations Where data are stored vs analyzed will likely be different, see subsection below

Organizational constraints

Organizational constraints we need to consider for Seedcase.
Constraints Background/Motivation
Time schedule Funding is until end of ~2027
Resources Currently only have a fixed set of funds
Small team Only have 4-5 people on team, ~3 who are full-time
Limited knowledge/skill support Data/software engineering is not common in research environments, so local knowledge/skills are limited

Political/legal constraints

Political/legal constraints we need to consider for Seedcase.
Constraints Background/Motivation
Use open source license For both practical and philosophical reasons, we will license Seedcase with an open license
Need endorsement from legal and IT They have broad institutional influence, so at least having some support is vital


Conventions that we should follow or consider for Seedcase.
Conventions Background/Motivation
Follow standard styling (e.g., PIP3) Coding style is vital to readability, so we follow best practice
Use CalVer versioning This style is simple and easily shows the age of the software
Incorporate “Test/Doc-Driven Development” styles Each has pros and cons, we use what works best. See the Contributing Guidelines.