System context and scope


🚧 This section is still in active development and is subject to changes 🚧

This document is an overview of the different connections, both human and computer, with a Data Resource managed by Seedcase.

C4 Context diagram showing users and external systems that connect to the Data Resource managed by Seedcase.

The four users and their associated use cases are:

  1. Users inputting data into the Data Resource, e.g., authorized centers and researchers. The use cases are:
    1. Authorized centers (GPs and hospitals) upload standardized and routine data through the data entry web portal.
    2. Authorized researchers upload generated data from completed data projects. Non-standardized data is either manually processed and cleaned before entering into the database or uploaded in its raw format and processed with a plugin specific to that data.
  2. Users requesting access to a subset of data in the Data Resource, e.g., researchers and clinicians. Use cases are:
    1. Interested researchers browse the catalog of available data and the data dictionary.
    2. Researchers request access to data by submitting a description of their proposed data project and selecting the relevant data from the catalog. This request is sent to a list of data projects to await approval from the data controllers (User 4).
  3. Users who are administrators and data controllers of the Data Resource. Use cases are:
    1. Initial upload of data that includes setting up tables and allocating space in the raw data file storage.
    2. Approve newly submitted data projects that request data and manage existing data projects.
    3. Approve and authorize researchers to access the web portal for data requests and to manage current authorized researchers.
    4. Manage collection centers’ access and authorization.
    5. Manage or handle potential issues with the data itself, through direct access to the data storage.
  4. External users viewing updates on findings and results from the Data Resource such as aggregate statistics, e.g., policymakers, healthcare workers, journalists, researchers, and the general public. Use cases are:
    1. Users view and read through the list of completed, ongoing, and proposed data projects that use the Data Resource.
    2. Users access and view aggregate statistics and the latest published findings that are relevant to them/their practice.

There is one (potential) external system involved:

  1. Secure server to transfer requested data for approved data projects. This only is necessary when the user who is requesting access is an external partner to those who control the Data Resource.