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This page includes a glossary of the terms we use to describe different parts of the software architecture in the Seedcase Project.

Seedcase-specific terms

Term Definition
Data Resource

Is the research data and metadata, and any management needed, of a specific research study. A Data Resource can contain multiple Data Projects.

Data Project

A subset of data from a Data Resource that researchers or other analysts request access to use for a specific purpose. This request, when approved, will result in a data extract that is sent to the Data Requester.


An installation of the Seedcase infrastructure can include all software products within the Seedcase framework or only some parts of it. An installation can contain multiple Data Resources and multiple Data Projects.

Seedcase Framework

The software products that work together to implement the core project functionalities as a single conceptual unit. Specifically, this includes the software products Sprout, Propagate, Flower, and Garden.

Seedcase Products

The software products of the Seedcase project collectively. Also called “Seedcase software” or “Seedcase software products”.

Seedcase Project

The Seedcase Project as a whole, including software, documentation, learning material, as well as underpinning ideas and philosophy.

General terms

Term Definition
Closed box

A description of the external functioning and behaviour of a system that doesn’t include how it works internally. For example, how the API part of the Seedcase framework connects and communicates with other Seedcase software components, but not how the API internally makes these connections and communications. “Black” implying unseen or not visible (e.g., night time).


An acronym for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. These four actions are the core operations for data storage on computers.

Open box

A description of the internal functioning and behaviour of a system. For example, how the internals of the Seedcase framework like the web frontend part, the programmatic API part, and the data backend environment part interact with each other. Open implying transparent or visible.